The Most Effective Way to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Having a clean air conditioning system is essential for maintaining a healthy home environment. The most effective and thorough way to clean air ducts is to use a powerful vacuum and one or more stirring devices. This method is designed to remove debris from the ducts without causing any damage. Professional air duct cleaning services use longer hoses and a rotating brush to ensure that all dirt and dust is removed.

Vacuuming and brushing is more effective than using a workshop vacuum, however, it may not be powerful enough to lift and remove clogged debris. According to ENERGY STAR, 20% of the cold air that circulates through an air conditioning system is lost due to dirty and poorly connected ducts, leaks, and holes. Cleaning air ducts yourself can be risky as it could cause damage. This style of air duct cleaning involves vacuuming the debris that accumulates on the walls of the air ducts and then spraying an antimicrobial mist to prevent recontamination.

While duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, it can also damage some parts of the system if not done in isolation. In addition to cleaning, many companies offer products for disinfecting ducts, cleaning dryer vents, and other products that improve indoor air quality. The main purpose of cleaning the air ducts is to keep the air conditioning system clean and unobstructed while also keeping the house free of contaminants. If you start to change filters more often, it's usually a good sign that your air ducts need a good clean.

By regularly cleaning your air conditioning ducts, you can eliminate or dramatically reduce pollutants, create healthier air, and improve occupant health. The professional must inspect the air duct system to assess its condition and determine the appropriate cleaning technique. Flexible ducts and fiberglass ducts are particularly fragile systems that can be damaged during cleaning. Dirt particles and contaminants enter the home from outdoor and indoor activities such as cleaning, cooking, and exposing living space more to pollutants than to dirty air ducts.

Keeping your air ducts clean will help keep your home free from these contaminants and improve your indoor air quality.